Glasgow Westend Handyman

Prices and costs involved in hiring a handyman in Glasgow for plumbing, maintenance, decorating, joinery and electrical work.

Cost of Hiring the Handyman

... and what you get for your money!

handyman costsFor “jobs various” or small job appointments you will have two men arrive.

Most jobs do not strictly require two men but so many jobs simply go better with two.

They will be smartly and appropriately dressed for the kind of work taking place and they also carry ID. They will have adequate tools for the job.


Prices are as follows.

Most customers use us purely as a labour service, but we are happy to fetch and supply particular parts for you if needed. We add a mark-up to parts we supply to reflect the fact that we are using our expertise to select and find the right materials and also because of the time and fuel it takes us to find them and deliver them to you.

All Work Guaranteed

All work carried out by the Westend Handyman will be guaranteed for 6 months from the completion date.

The Handyman's Hours

We generally work from 0900 weekdays until 1700. Out of hours and callouts are worked by arrangement at Premium rate.

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Handyman Contact Details


TEL: 0784 300 6840